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This customer purchased form us and then contacted our support team asking for a refund claiming they had contacted us multiple times. We received 1 email from the customer and we responded within 48hrs as promised. This customer did not contact us multiple times, they did not submit their coursework as requested and we did not on any occasion fail to respond within the promised timeframes. The customer disputed their payment however the bank came through on our side because we followed our procedures and the customer did not. It's a shame that the customer has decided to post on this website because they didn't get their way.
Provo, Utah
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I did not find their material useful.In their initial video, they promise a full refund if you watch the first few lessons, do some exercises and still don't like program.

I watched the videos, did the coursework and submitted exactly as they outline in their refund policy but they completely ignored my refund request. All they did was turn off my access to their videos, ignore me and keep my money. They list no phone numbers so you can't call them and they completely ignored all of my emails for a refund. Since they ignore you there is no way to get your money back.

However, as soon as I requested a refund from VISA they were magically very responsive to VISA but still not to me. They sent VISA a 33 page packet outlining all of the reasons I should not receive a refund. Their pushback to VISA is designed to make sure that you will not get a refund.

They will fight with Visa to keep your money.I would avoid anything to do with Sam Ovens.

I didn't like: Impossible to contact.

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